Discover the Magic of TOHO Seed Beads

Discover the Magic of TOHO Seed Beads
  • TOHO Seed Beads: The Eastern Treasure for Beading Enthusiasts

    TOHO seed beads, a synonym for “Eastern Treasure”, are a class apart in the world of Japanese seed beads. Their uniformity in size and color sets them apart. Crafted with precision, they are among the finest seed beads available.

    TOHO Seed Beads: Quality and Versatility in Beading

    TOHO seed beads are the go-to choice for bead weaving, bead loom work, and bead stringing, ensuring flawless results. The larger hole in these beads allows for multiple thread passes, making them perfect for intricate beading projects.

    Moreover, TOHO seed beads offer more beads per 10g bag due to their slightly larger holes compared to other brands, providing excellent value for money.

    TOHO Seed Beads: A Spectrum of Choices

    With over 1200 items to choose from, TOHO offers an extensive range of colors, sizes, and shapes. The color palette is diverse, ranging from transparent grass green to silver-lined milky alexandrite, and opaque sour apple to transparent peridot.

    TOHO Seed Beads: A Must-Have for Every Bead Artist

    Whether you’re an experienced beader or a beginner, TOHO seed beads are an essential part of your beading supplies. Their superior quality, consistency, and vast selection make them a versatile and valuable element in any bead project. Explore the world of TOHO seed beads today!

    TOHO seed beads are a popular choice among beaders due to their high-quality, color consistency, and wide variety of shapes and styles. Here’s a brief overview of the different types of TOHO seed beads:

    • Round Seed Beads: These are the most common type of TOHO seed beads and are available in a variety of sizes, ranging from large 3/0 to tiny 15/0 seed beads. They are used for all kinds of projects, from seed beading to stringing.
    • Takumi Round Seed Beads: These seed beads are similar to traditional round seed beads, but have stringing holes that are 15% larger than traditional TOHO round beads. With such a large stringing hole, you can make more passes through the bead and use thicker stringing materials. They are ideal for intricate bead weaving projects.
    • Demi Round Seed Beads: These seed beads feature a thinner shape with the same hole size and diameter as traditional round TOHO seed beads. They work wonderfully in popular stitches, with exciting and innovative results. They allow for amazing color depth and detail thanks to their shape.
    • TOHO Treasure Beads: These high-quality cylinder beads feature thin walls and large holes. They allow for many passes of thread, so are an excellent choice for intricate bead work. Use them in loom projects, peyote and brick stitch, and stringing projects.
    • TOHO Aiko Precision-Cut Cylinders: These precision-cut cylinder seed beads are produced by state-of-the-art machinery, so they are extremely consistent in size and shape. They provide a smooth, silken finish to any beaded piece created with them.